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RCO Grant

Recreation and Conservation Office Application
YVSA Trap Range Improvements
Project # 14-1911

Total grant amount is approximately $124,000. Construction completed December 2016

Major Improvements with shooter emphasis:

  • New trap pads
  • New walkway with ADA parking
  • 2 PAT traps

Tom Rogers and Ellensburg shooters presenting a check for $40,000 to YVSA President Verne Bakker.  A large portion of the funds will be used for matching grant monies expected to be awarded this June.

Details to follow


Greetings members,

We had a great turnout today for the St. Nick Shoot. Despite the cold weather we had about 30 members show up to shoot. Sue Trindle won the women's trophy with a 39. Jason Klingele, John Klingele, and Rick White all tied for the men's with a 47. After the shoot off Jason went home with the trophy.


As a reminder, the club will be closed next Sunday for Christmas. We will be open on January 1st and that will be the first week of the button shoot. Don't forget to pay your dues.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and we will see you in the new year!


Deanna Turnbull


2023 YVSA Button Shoot Results

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Week One of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In the Men’s Division Dale Klingele and Alan Eims both broke 25 and after a shoot off Klingele took home the win. In the Senior division John Klingele and Jim Thorne tied with 24s and after a shoot off Klingele took home the win. The Super Senior division John Cushing broke a 25 to take home the win. In the Ladies’ division Jennifer Klingele also broke a perfect score to win the button. The Junior Division Kami Mallon took home the button.

Spokane                                                                          Montana

John Cushing 25                                                             Dale Klingele 25+22=47
Jennifer Klingele 25                                                       John Klingele 24+22=46
Alan Eims 25                                                                   Jennifer Klingele 25+20=45
Dale Klingele 25
Rick White 24
Jim Thorne 24
Jim Klingele 24
John Klingele 24


Week 2 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In week 2 the name of the game was perfect scores, with ten perfect scores recorded for the day. Six of the perfect scores were shot in the Men’s division led off with Curt Robins, Alan Eims, Rick White, Brett Johanson, Jason Klingele and Gordon Anderson and after a long shoot off Rick White took home the win. The Senior Division D.J Blankenship broke a 25 to take home the button. Super Senior division Jim Turnbull and Bob Stonecipher both broke 25 and after a shoot off Turnbull took home the win. Ladies’ shooter Sue Trindle broke a 22 to win the Button and in the Junior Division Georgina Anderson took home the button.

Spokane                                                                                 Montana

Bob Stonecipher   25                                                            Brett Johanson 25+23=48
Curt Robins 25                                                                       Dale Klingele 25+23=48
Alan Eims 25                                                                          Rick White 25+22=47
Rick White 25                                                                        Jason Klingele 25+22=47
Brett Johanson 25
Jim Turnbull 25
D.J. Blankenship 25
Dale Klingele 25
Jason Klingele 25
Gordon Anderson 25


Week 3 of the W.K. Button shoot.

In the Men’s Division Brett Johanson and Brent Mallon both broke 25 and in a shoot off Mallon took home the win. Senior shooter Craig Lee broke a 25 to take home the button. Super Senior Division Don Lint and Glen Lowrie both tied with 24s and after a shoot of Lint took home the button. Ladies Division Janet Shields broke a 24 to take home the victory. Junior Division Brennan Ford broke a 23 to take home the Button.

Spokane                                                                                      Montana

Brent Johanson 25                                                                    Jim Turnbull 25+23=48
Brent Mallon 25                                                                        Brent Johanson 25+22=47
Jim Turnbull 25                                                                         Rick White 25+22=47
Rick White 25                                                                            Don Lint 24+23=47
Craig Lee 25


Week 4 of the W.K. Button shoot.

In the Men’s division Jason Klingele and Brett Johanson both tied with 25s and after a shoot off Klingele took home the button. The Senior division Paul Klingele, Stan Shields, and Scott Panttoni tied with 24s and after a shoot off Klingele took home the button. Super Senior Glen Lowrie broke a 25 to take home the win. Ladies shooter Deanna Turnbull broke a 21 to take home the button and in the Junior division Ella Lynch broke a 13 to take home the win.

Spokane                                                       Montana

Jim Turnbull 25                                           Rick White 24+25=49
Brett Johanson 25                                      Jim TurnBull 25+23=48                                    
Glen Lowrie 25                                            John Cushing 25+22=47
Jason Klingele 25
John Cushing 25


Week 5 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In the Men’s division Steve Hurt broke a 24 to take home the button. Senior shooters Jim Thorne and Jeff Mitchell Both broke 23’s to take home the win. Super Senior shooter Nick Kramer broke a 23 to take home the button. Ladies’ shooter Brittney Marshall broke a 19 to take home the victory.

Spokane                                                                           Montana

John Cushing 25                                                              Jason Klingele 23+24=47
D.J. Blankenship 24                                                        John Klingele 22+24=46
Steve Hurt 24                                                                  Brett Johanson 23+22=45
Jim Turnbull 24                                                               Dale Klingele 21+23=44
Craig Lee 24


Week 6 of the W.K. Button Shoot

In the Men’s Division Brett Johanson broke a 25 and John Auckland broke a 24 and both took home buttons. The Senior Division Stan Shields broke a 23 to win his button. Super Senior Steve Simons broke a 23 to win his division. The Ladies Division Gina Crosswhite broke a 22 to take home the button.

Spokane                                                                                     Montana

Brett Johanson 25                                                                     Rick White 25+24=49
Jeff Mitchell 25                                                                         Brett Johanson 25+22=47
Rick White 25                                                                            John Cushing 24+23=47
John Klingele 25                                                                        Dale Klingele 24+22=46
                                                                                                     Paul Klingele 24+22=46
                                                                                                     John Klingele 25+21=46



Best 4 score out of 6                                                    Montana Handicap best 4 score out of 6

Brett Johanson     100                                                  Rick White                   192
Rick White              99                                                   Brett Johanson           187
Jim Turnbull           99                                                   Jim Turnbull                186
John Cushing         99                                                   Dale Klingele               185
Dale Klingele         98                                                   Jason Klingele              184


Week 7 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

Men’s shooter Ale Eims and Senior shooter Joel Moberly both broke perfect scores to win their division. Super Senior shooter Rick Bueschel broke a 24 to win the button. Ladies’ shooters Debby Anex and Renee Blankenship both broke 19’s to take home their buttons.

Spokane                                                                           Montana

Joel Moberly 25                                                               Rick White 25+23=48
Ale Eims 25                                                                       Glen Lowrie 25+22=47
Glen Lowrie 25                                                                 Stan Shields 22+25=47
Brett Mallon 25                                                                Don Lint 24+22=46
Rick White 25                                                                   Brett Johanson 24+22=46
Jim Turnbull 25                                                                John Klingele 23+23=46
Steve Simon 25

Annie Oakley starts next Sunday and runs through the rest of the Button shoot. It will be shot after all button shooting is done for trap. $4.00, half to the club, half to the shooters. All from the 27 yard line. No shells over 1300 fps, 1 1/8 ounce. Draw a ping pong ball with a number.

Best 5 score out of 7                                                    Montana Handicap best 5 score out of 7

Brett Johanson     124                                                   Rick White                   240
Rick White             124                                                   Brett Johanson           233
Jim Turnbull          124                                                   Jim Turnbull                231
John Cushing        124                                                   



Week 8 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In the Ladies’ Division Shara Green showed the rest of the field how it is done by breaking a perfect score of 25 to take home the button. In the Men’s Division Damien Anderson broke a 22 to win the button. The Senior Division Dave Hoffert and Scott Panattoni both broke 22’s to take home the win. Super Senior Division Bob Stonecipher broke a 20 to take home the button.

Spokane                                                                              Montana

Joel Moberly 25                                                                 Dale Klingele 25+23=48
Shara Green 25                                                                  Jason klingele 24+23=47
Jim Turnbull 25                                                                  John Klingele 24+23=47
Glen Lowrie 25                                                                   John Cushing 24+22=46
Dale Klingele 25                                                                 Rick White 25+21=46
Paul klingele 25                                                                  Jim Turnbull 25+21=46

Week 9 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In the Men’s Division Kevin Warren and James Klingele both broke 25’s to take home the buttons. The Senior Division Ciro Demarca and Mark Petterson both broke 22’s to take home the win. Super Senior Division Bruce Anderson and Hank McCleary both broke 20’s to win the buttons. Doc Laughery won the 12 gauge skeet event with a 24 and Fred Slyfield won the sub gauge event with an 18.
Next Sunday is your last chance to win your button.

Best 7 score Montana Handicap, one last week to go.

Rick White           330
Brett Johanson    326
Dale Klingele       322

Best 7 score, one last week to go.

Rick White            198
Brett Johanson     197
James Turnbull     196
Dale Klingele        196

If there is a tie, this will be shot off after all shooting is done on week 10. Next week.

Spokane                                                                                        Montana

Joel Moberly 25                                                                  Brett Johanson 25+23=48
Alan Eims 25                                                                        John Cushing 23+24=47
Brett Johanson 25                                                              James Klingele   25+21=46
Don Lint 25                                                                          Stan Shields 23+23=46
Jeff Mitchell 25
Kevin Warren 25
D.J. Blankenship 25
Dale Klingele 25
Jason Klingele 25
James Klingele 25
John Klingele 25

Week 10 of the W.K. Button Shoot.

In the Men’s Division Curt Robins, Kyle Laughery, Gordon Anderson, Nick Moloney, Jabin Green, and Kyle Crosswhite all took home their buttons. In the Senior Division Joel Froehlich broke a 25 to take home the button. Super Senior Division Don Seipel broke a 23 to win the division.

Spokane                                                                             Montana

Brett Johanson 25                                                            John Klingele 25+25=50
Rick White 25                                                                    Rick White 25+24=49
Glen Lowrie 25                                                                  Stan Shields 24+23=47
Jim Turnbull 25                                                                 John Cushing 25+23=47
John Cushing 25                                                               Jim TurnBull 25+21=46
John Klingele 25

Sunday check in 9:00 to 10:00 shooting starts at 10:00, Please check in with John when you arrive.
This is cold gun shoot.

Greeting members

The finals of the WK Button shoot were held on Sunday March 12th.

Junior shooter Brennan Ford shot his very first 25 and was rewarded by having his hat shot by fellow club members. A long-standing tradition for a shooter's first 25. 

Jm Turnbull had to shoot 125 straight to win the title of 16-yard club singles champion which is testament to how many really good shooters we have in this club.

In the junior division Kami Mallon and Brennan Ford tied with 25's. After a shoot off Mallon took home the win. In the lady's division Shara Green shot a 24 to win the trophy. The super senior winner was Glen Lowrie with a 25. Senior shooter John Klingele broke a 25 to win the division and in the men's division Rick White broke a 25.  

High average and the traveling trophy went to Rick White with a 198.

Montana went to Rick White with a 379.

16-yard singles champion went to Jim Turnbull

Club champion Annie Oakley winner and the traveling trophy went to Mark Peterson

Yakima took 1st place in the Spokane Review; Ladies took 2nd in their division. 

The skeet winners were Joel Froehlich in the 12-gauge event (again) and Lyle Laughery in the sub gauge event. Joel was also the high overall.

We'll do it all again next year.