The results are in from the 4th annual St Nick shoot. We had about 25 shooters and the weather cooperated for the most part. Jason Klingele took home the mens trophy with a 49. Jennifer Klingele won the ladies with a 45. Congratulations to our winners.

2021 Button Shoot results
Week one of the W.K. Button shoot.
The Men’s division Rick White and John Klingele both broke perfect scores and will carry over to week 2. In the Senior division Jim Turnbull broke a 25 to take home the button, Ladies shooter Jennifer Klingele also broke a 25 to win the button. Junior Shooter: Ace Thomas broke a 24 to win the button. And in the Super Senior division Glen Lowrie broke a 24 to win his button.
Big Sky Montana.                                                            Spokane
Jim Turnbull 25=24=49                                                   Jennifer Klingele 25
Jennifer Klingele 25=24=49                                            D, J  Blankenship 25
Rick White 25=23=48                                                      Rick White 25
Brett Johansen 24=24=48                                              Jim Turnbull 25
Total                194                                                          John Klingele 25
Women's score for Spokane (88) Jennifer Klingele 25, Sue Trindle 22, Deanna Turnbull 21, Renee Blankenship 20.
Good going Ladies.
Remember, Big Sky and Spokane is 8 straight weeks. 8 out of 8 weeks. Button shoot is best 8 out of 10 weeks.
Thanks to all that helped, loading and scoring.
We did a great job staying outside. Please keep this up. Heater worked out great.

 Week 2 of the W.K. button shoot. 
In the Men’s: division Jeff Mitchell and Jason Klingele both broke perfect scores and will carry over till next week. In the Senior division: Craig Lee and Paul Klingele both broke 25s and after a shoot off Lee took home the button. Super Senior shooter John Cushing broke a 24 to win the division. Ladies shooter Sue Trindle broke a 21 to take home the button. New shooter Kami Mallon broke an 18 to win the Junior division.
Spokane:                                                        Montana: 
Jennifer Klingele 25                                       Jennifer Klingele 25+24=49 
Jim Turnbull 25                                               Paul Klingele 25+23=48 
Paul Klingele 25                                             Jim Turnbull 25+22=47
Jeff Mitchell 25                                               7 shooters tied at 45
Craig Lee 25 
Jason Klingele 25

Week 3 of the W.K. Button shoot In the Men’s division Brett Johansen, Jeff Mitchell, Jason Klingele and John Klingele broke perfect scores and will carry over to week 4. Senior shooters Joel Froehlich and Pat Anex both broke 24 and after a shoot off Froehlich took home the button. Super Senior Bob Stonecipher and Tom Rogers both broke 25 and will carry over to next week. Ladies Shooter Janet Sheilds broke a 22 to win the button and in the Junior division Georgina Anderson won the button.
Spokane:                                                                       Montana: 
Ace Thomas 25                                                             James Klingele 24+24=48 
Tom Roger 25                                                               John Cushing 24+23=47 
Brett Johansen 25                                                        Jennifer Klingele 25+21=46 
Rick White 25                                                               Jim Turnbull 24+21=45 
Jennifer Klingele 25                                                      Paul Klingele 22+23=45
Bob Stonecifer 25 
Jeff Mitchell 25 
Jason Klingele 25 
John Klingele 25

 Week 4 of the W.K. Button Shoot. In the Men’s division Jeff Mitchell, Brett Johansen and John Klingele all broke perfect scores to win their buttons, In the Senior division D.J Blankenship and Dave Hoffert both broke a 24 and after a lengthy shoot off Blankenship took home the button. In the Super Senior division Bob Scheffelmaier broke a 25 to win the division and in the Ladies’ division Deanna Turnbull broke an 18 to win her button. 
Spokane                                                               Big Sky Handicap                                       
Curt Robins  25                                                    Jim Turnbull 25+22=47 
Jim Turnbull  25                                                    Brett Johansen 25+22=47 
Jennifer Klingele  25                                            John Klingele 25+22=47 
Jeff Mitchell  25                                                    Paul Klingele 23+24=47                                                   
Brett Johansen  25 
Bob Scheffelmaier  25 
John Klingele 25

Week 5
Spokane                                                          Montana
Jennifer Klingele 25                                        John Cushing    25+23=48 
John Cushing      25                                        Jason Klingele  24+24=48 
Brett Johansen    25                                        Brett Johansen 25+22=47 
Stan Shields        25                                        Glen Lowrie      22+24=46 
James Klingele    25 
Eric Panattoni      25

Halftime Scores
Best 4 out of 5 scores                                 total Spokane Scores 8 weeks

Jennifer Klingele     25+25+25+25=100         125
Jim Turnbull            25+25+24+25= 99          121
Jeff Mitchell             24+25+25+25= 99         122
John Klingele          25+25+25+24= 99         121

Big Sky Handicap
Best 4 of of 5 scores                    total Big Sky Handicap Scores 8 weeks
Jim Turnbull           188                            232
Jennifer Klingele    187                            231
James Klingele      186                            229
Paul Klingele          185                           230
Brett Johansen       185                           228
Keep up the good work Shooters

Week 7 of the W.K. Button shoot 
In the Men’s division Stan Shields broke a 25. Brent Mallon and Dale Klingele both broke 24s to take home their button. Senior shooter Scott Panattoni broke a 23 to win the button and in the Super Senior division Ken Sanden took home the button. 
In the skeet button shoot Steve Zerr won the 12 gauge event and Marcus Leuk won the 20 gauge event.

Spokane                                                    Montana  
Ace Thomas       25                                   Rick White        25+23=48  
Jeff Mitchel         25                                   John Klingele    24+23=47 
Stan shields       25                                    Paul Klingele     24+22=46  
John Cushing     25                                   Brett Johansen 24+22=46 
Rick White          25 
Jennifer Klingele 25
High score for the best 7 out of 10 weeks
Jennifer Klingele          175 x 175

Big Sky Handicap 7 out of 8 weeks   
Jim Turnbull            321
Jennifer Klingele     320
Brett Johansen       320
James Klingele       320
John Klingele          320
Paul Klingele          320

Club Big Sky Handicap best 6 out of 7
Brett Johansen        280
John Klingele          279
Jennifer Klingele     277
James Klingele       277
Jim Turnbull            277
Paul Klingele           276
Good shoot all. On more week for the team shooting and then down to the club shooting.

Week 8 of the W.K Button shoot.
In the Men’s division Nick Miller broke a 25 and Curt Robins broke a 22 to win their buttons, Senior shooter Jim Thorne broke a 23 to win his button, Super Senior shooter Hank McCleary broke a 25 to take home the button and in the Ladies division Debby Anex made the long drive from Milton to win her button. 

Skeet button shoot winners this week were Marcus Leuck in the 12 gauge event with a 23 and Kyle Laughery in the sub gauge event with a 21.
Spokane                                               Montana 

Brett Johansen 25                                Brett Johansen 25+23=48 
Rick White 25                                       Jim Turnbull 25+23=48  
Jim Turnbull 25                                     James Klingele 25+22=47 
Nick Miller 25                                        Ace Thomas  24+22=46 
Hank McCleary 25 
James Klingele 25 
Stan Shields 25

Button Shoot best 8 out of 10
Jennifer Klingele 199 x 200

Big Sky Handicap
Best 8 out of 8 weeks             Best 7 out of 8 weeks score
James Turnbull       369                        325
Brett Johansen       368                        328
James Klingele       367                        324
Paul Klingele          365                         321
Jennifer Klingele    364                         321

WEEK 9 of the W.K. button shoot. 

In the Men’s division Eric Panattoni broke a 23, Gordon Anderson and Ron Miller both broke 21 to take home their buttons, Senior shooter Mark Peterson broke a 24 to win his button and in the Super Senior division Don Seipel and Howard Trindle both broke 21 to win their buttons.

This weeks winners of the skeet button shoot are Junior shooter Finn Carney in the 12 gauge event with a 24 and Louie Pontekok in the sub gauge event with a 21.

Montana Big Sky Handicap
Brett Johansen      25+23=48 
Jennifer Klingele    24+23=47 
James Klingele      25+21=46 
Jason Klingele       23+23=46 
Dale Klingele         25+21=46

Best 8 out of 9 weeks                           through away score
Brett Johansen         376                                  46
James Klingele         370                                  45
James Turnbull         369                                  44

Club 16 Best 8 out of 9                         through away score
Jennifer Klingele       199                               24
Rick White                198                               24

Championship Weekend is Sunday March 14, 2021. Shooting starts at 10:00 am SHARP 
with Youth and Ladies.  

 At the end of the 10 weeks, all button winners will shoot for their class Championship. All class champions and all shooters that shoot a 25 straight in their class shoot off will be in the Club championship shoot off, from the 16 yard line. Winner of 16 yard line championship shoot off will give up class championship. 

SPRING YAK 2021 is March 27-28, 2021. Program on, Wspita or on the club house.


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(Our range is limited to rimfire 22LR)

2021 league cancelled

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"Big Yak"

 As we have for over 70 years, we will again award to the 1st place squads all-wool blankets with the official “Big Yak” logo beautifully embroidered on each blanket. In addition, the 2nd place squad will receive a belt buckle you will be proud to display among your trophies.

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