Meat Shoot

November ?

Days Open


  1. We are open! Please read the re-opening rules!!!

At YVSA we shoot trap and skeet outside. The very

nature of the sport keeps participants at least six feet

apart.  We shoot in groups of 5 at the most and

quite often less. We are only open on Wednesdays and

Sundays from 9:00 to 12:00. This is our plan for a safe



Single point of entry to the clubhouse.
Signage of “mask required” inside clubhouse.
Masks will be available.
Maximum of 5 people inside the clubhouse.
Entry to the clubhouse for bathroom use and ticket purchase only.
Plexiglass shield at cashiers window.
Social distancing “6 feet apart” signs posted throughout the premises.
Hand Sanitizer placed at all traps.
Shooting will be open to members only. No visitors or guests will be allowed at this time. 

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Public Welcome! 

Button Shoot

January - March (every Sunday):  "WK Button Shoot"  10 week inter-club "cold gun" 25 target. One button per week per division: Youth - Ladies - Men - Senior - Super Senior.

Shoot-off week 11 followed by potluck.

Multiplex Shoot

Winter Multiplex December 7,

 January 11, 

February 8,

March 7,

April 11,

May 9,

​June 13

Participating States: AK, CA, CO, HI, ID, NV, OR, WA, and BC, Canada. 

​​Spring Yak

March 28 -29, 2020


Annual Events



Contact Randy Rice for SCPT youth shoots

Facility Features

IYVSA will receive $5 for each renewal or $10 for new NRA membership if processed through this website. Click the NRA logo above and you will be taken to a secure online application. Support our Club and freedom with your NRA membership!!!

The Yakima Valley Sportsmen's Association promotes safe responsible participation in the shooting sports including various shooting activities to include trap, skeet, indoor small bore rifle league and pistol training. YVSA provides a quality experience for the membership and guests when participating at the Association facilities as well as promoting firearms education and safety training programs.

Building rental available w/ full kitchen. Members and aquaintences 509-453-1872

Big Yak 2020

September 18-20 , 2020

​WSPITA FRiday, Big Yak Saturday & Sunday

Nick Shoot December 22, 2019. 25 from 16, 25 from 22.

A Christmas thing!!!

Facility features

  • 9 Trap Houses (singles or doubles)

  • 2 Traps capable of Continental targets

  • 1 Skeet Range

  • Indoor small bore range (22LR only: members, league shooting and training)

  • Full kitchen

  • 2 large rooms for gatherings - banquets - meetings

  • Separate Archery Facility

Hours of operation (trap/skeet open to public):
Wednesday 9:00am to 12:00 Noon              
Sunday 9:00am to 12:00 Noon   

Membership: 2020
Annual Single Membership  $50                       
Annual Family Membership (restrictions apply) $75
(Go to Contact Us page to apply)

Trap and Skeet Fees: 
Adult members $5 (per 25)                                
Youth members $4 (per 25)

Youth Non-members $5 (per 25) 
Adult non-members $8 (per 25)

5 Stand fees:

Adult member $6

Adult non-member $9

Youth member $5

Youth non-member $6